Thursday, December 14, 2006

My ode' to the paparazzi

I originally was going to do this post last month when the first cold front came through, but I'm lazy and have a job and a life(kinda). Anyway since it is almost Christmas and the new year, I'll dedicate this post to all the paparazzi who sit on there asses and track down every breathing moment of a celebs life waiting for that shot of gold. heres to them having to get beat down by 400 pound security guards, pushed to the side by competing paparazzi just to bring the magic of a glimpse into someone's personel life. In the past year these are celebs caught on the beach in all their natural glory, no airbrushing and doctored photos, nope this is celebs looking just like anyone else. You get to see the stretch marks, the crusty feet, bad hair, acne, etc. And all this is made possible by some lazy ass with a camera living on cigarettes and junk food and a cell phone for tips. Now I don't know who the rightful owners are to the pics, but alas, I'm going to make fun of them. Now some of these might be older than a year, I don't know and don't fucking care, it's celebs in fucking bathing suits and that's enough for me. So happy Christmas and new-year!
and Alba says"hey you with the camera get a life."
and again Alba rockin in yellow

Hey, I'm Ana Turpin and i'm skinny as a rail but Ricardo Bofill is a fat hairy ass who put me in his movie" Hot Milk".

hey, i'm Beyonce, some fine ass from the south, hence my cowgirl hat ya'll

Damn you guys, i'm Cameron Diaz and i'm with my boy-toy, can't you see i don't have my army of make-up artists to cover up my acne.

well here i am again , i know i got no tits or ass, but i was a model once
and here's me lubeing up my boy-toy JT

Hey i'm Charlotte Church, you probably don't listen to my music but i love showing my bod off

Fuck, this is taking forever it seems, i was going to stop after the last pic of Charlotte, but now blogger has came on and made me type a password because i'm at my limit or some shit. so look for partII, hell at this rate probably partIII and IV, sometime later.


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