Sunday, October 08, 2006

Damn it's been a while!

i've always said i was a lazy procrastinating ass. well shit, of done went like 3 weeks without a update. that's cause my ass is having to work overtime and still fit in my drinkin' time and watchin' sports time, so that kind of leaves this little pile of dung i have on the web left out. if my dumb-ass new how to market this thing and get some visitors i would spend more time on it.
well actually i have registered a new name and i have been researching hosting sites and bought some web design and html books, i plan on by the first of the year to have a new site going and update with daily garbage that i spew. i've been on the web since 96', so i have amassed something like 30,000 pics and 5,000 vid clips of everything from funny,sick,wtf?,stupid,gross,twisted,hilarious,dumb,disturbing,and everything in between. so my plan is to break all this junk into catagories and throw in jokes and wierd news and useless stats and then surround the pages with sex,sex,sex and porn,porn,porn ads, cause lets face it, fucking sells, and that will be my only way to afford the server costs for having that much content.
alright i didn't do jack-shit this weekend, sat on my ass and watched sports, but i should have went to the Godfather II on preston hwy. They had this chick named Flexx, some kind of contourionist. well heres some links i found on her.

Flexx Promo Vid

Flexx Credits

Flexx performing on stage

as long as CAVIAR doesn't show up next time i go

and as always don't forget to check out the f'in Fox and the thong of the day pics. i listen to the fox more than others cause they play new rock and 90's rock but mix in some AC/DC, Zeppelin,Floyd,Van Halen and other kick-ass rock.
but to get your 90's and 00's fix you can check out WLRS and their myspace page with the sick music of tha ville from unsigned bands.

i want to throw this quick link in here, i don't know who binky is, but damn, this person has alot of fuckin' photos of drunk bitches, check it out Here

here's some upcoming shows i might peep out

and you can always find whats coming up at these links.


The Hill


The C-J


man summer is over and i was going to post all the celebs in bikini pics that people have sent me, but you can just check out these sights, these people keep up on the paparazzi pics and talk smack about celebs.

The Feeding Tube


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