Saturday, September 16, 2006

Time to PUT UP or SHUT UP!

It's fucking game day! That's right, the Cards are playing the Cane's at home, this is the chance to show the rest of the college football world they can play with the big-boys. Time to get revenge from that 3 point loss 2 years ago. I had a chance for tickets from my brother, but I didn't know if I would have to work o.t. at my job, so he gave them away to his bestfriend. Well I didn't have to work today, that's why I'm finally posting, I know it's been awhile, I tried to post last weekend but got sidetracked by drinking and watching football. Looks like it will be the same thing again this weekend. I just fucking love college football.
alright, I don't have the time and resources to post everyday on shit but if you local musicians will send shit I'll post it. For celeb shit and pics or gossip, I like gawking at the junk too, it's just in this instant media world, celebs are photographed for everything and people talk about them. When I was young nobody knew what celebs did in their personal time unless they did a interview on TV or a mag. Now we get to see them without professional make-up and lighting doing the mudane shit everyone else does in their daily lives, I touch more on this later.
Go check out the DRUNKENSTEPFATHER this guy is one fucking funny motherfucker. And for other cool places for celeb gossip check out The-Feeding-Tube or D-Listed these people keep up with the daily celeb trash and talk trash about celebs, so enjoy. And The Drunkenstepfather needs a million friends, so visit him
Alright, as always you need to check out these links for whatever local music is happening.

the C.J.
velocityweekly and there free local music jukebox

Don't forget the Lebowski Fest at the end of the month.

I always liked Tara Reid' s line as bunny saying "I'll suck your cock for 100" and Jeff bridges saying "let me just go find a cash machine". That movie is just classic, well all the Cohen brothers films are twisted and funny. heres some paparazzi pics of Tara showing off those fun-bags, cause I'd let her suck my cock for a 100 also, hell she probably needs its.

And HEADLINERS has a fucking awesome show coming up in October.

you can get your tic's at HEADLINERS or TICKETWEB.COM. but you can also check out these myspace pages of the bands.

In the Clear
Escape from Earth they were feat. On MTV's making the band 3
Signal Fading
Under the Rose productions
and don't forget to always check out the "thong of the day" pics at THE FOX and stream kick-ass rock while your sitting on your lazy-azz at your puter.
well this is my post foe now, just with work and my recreational drinking its hard to update daily, so if you don't like my post.....................................................................................................


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