Monday, September 04, 2006

Crikey!!! The Croc Hunter passed away


Man that sucks, Steve Irvin known as The Crocodile Hunter got killed in a freak attack by a sting-ray. I used to watch his show all the time, he was just too funny, and crazy. From what I'm understanding, he got poked under his rib-cage and the barb went into his heart, just a freak occurrence. What got my attention was some news show was at a aquarium somewhere and interviewing a sea-life specialist, the barb of a sting-ray this guy showed was like 3 inches long with almost microscopic serarated blades and about the diameter of a toothpick, now I know something that small can still do damage with enough force. But, then they showed a guy who was struck by one years ago in his side, he had a big-ass scar all across his abdomen, so I'm assuming the first guy at the aquarium was showing a baby sting-ray's barb, cause it just don't make since for something that small to do that much damage. I also liked some other interview, where someone was saying he chose a strange and dangerous profession, WHAT?, that was a passion for wildlife, not a career like you or me do. I don't remember my guidance counselors going " do you want to be a teacher or a accountant or a lawyer or do you want to chase the most deadliest creatures on earth?" This guy just had a passion for animals, I'm sad to see him go, I'll miss all the times he was on LENO or Conan. Read more here


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