Monday, September 04, 2006

Concert updates

Concert updates

I'm sure this show will bleed your ears, I don't know if I'll make it, but damn it I'm goin' try! Get your ticks here .It's at "The Bulldog Cafe" in Fairdale.And don't forget to check out Headliners for all show listings coming up. On Friday the 9th Return to Self,Evil Engine 9#, Chamberflow, and P.Y.L.O.T. are playing. Then on Sept. 14th it's fuckin' Hatebreed w/ Napalm Death, Exodus, and The Black Dahlia Murder, fuck I'm too old for the PIT, but I'll still listen and get shitty drunk.

You can get ticks by going to Ticketweb . I think all these shows are a Terry Harper production.

As always check your Thong of the daypics and stream kick-ass rock and concert info at the one and only FOX , Yeah bitches!!!

I was reading in the paper today about are obesity epidemic, our EPIDEMIC? WTF? Oh how will we get through it? I can stuff my fat-ass for 8 bucks at all-you-can-eat buffets, and grab 99 cent 350 calorie 30 grams of fat sandwiches on every corner, what am I going to do? Put the food down is what I should do. Look I understand some of us(most of us) are getting bigger, the old days people had to hunt or grow food to survive, so of course they were thin. But I remember also learning in class how people have grown over time, like years ago people were maybe 5 ft. On average, then centuries go bye and it's 5 ft.-2 in. And so on. Now it's like 5 ft-8in is average, so maybe were just evolving..............nah, were just lazy fat slobs, drink another sicko's. I do believe there is a fat gene in some people, you know ,the ones who are the width of a door or more. There's a difference in being overweight and then just downright sickening. I might be starting to get a little flabby and have a small gut, but that's cause I drink beer like water, and I'm over 30, my metabolism is slowing down, but since I work physical labor jobs, that helps sweat off some fat. But those people you see with asses that take up a whole couch, they got something wrong in their genes, fuckin bad genes. I was out to eat with my sister and her boyfriend not long ago and a girl and a guy who looked like brother and sister came in with what looked like their mother. Now the girl-n-guy looked maybe mid-20's, but they reminded me of those creatures from the movie "The Fifth Element" who had tiny heads and feet but massive bodies, and the mother(I assume) was itty bitty. I just couldn't help thinking how you could get that fat, I mean I was looking at the guys arms and legs and head, my fuckin big-ass German-Irish head was bigger than his and my arms and legs looked bigger. This guys torso had to weigh more than 2 of me, but he had like kangaroo arms and below his knees toothpicks, it was fuckin weird.

But I'll tell you who doesn't have a fat problem little miss Ritchie, I admit I never found her attractive, but I'd throw my short and stout 6 incher at her, if given a chance, cause she's rich. I need a sugar momma. Even though she's ugly I still liked the tubby Nicole, I guess cause that physique is more likely what I would score with. This new look where she could hang-glide on a dorrito chip or hoola-hoop through a cheerio is nasty, especially when she has those Blu-Blocker like shades on that everyone is wearing, she looks like a fly. What happened to Ray-Bans and Oakley's.

For more Celeb pics and cool links, peep these cool sites.
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Blogger Gianluca Di Milano said...

what a craze. is a blog very nice. i'm also love the metals and the womens very sex. Well dones

4:03 PM  
Blogger Tim Hedrow said...

Wow, you weren't kidding. When did this happen? Check the size of the images in the post that came before the page trauma. Try expanding the width of your page to. Is it at 800?

Interesting blog. Vaginas dont do much for me. Other than my own. Mostly I like sordid gossip and ruining people's lives-that's how I roll. But great blog. Did you mean to have everything centered? I like it left justified-but that's just me.

8:29 PM  
Blogger wigwam said...

thanks marge, i'll look into it, it happened after about the 4-5th post, i've tried looking for help in the blogger tips, but shit, that's alot of reading.

11:10 AM  

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