Sunday, September 03, 2006

CARDS over CATS Baby!!!!!!!!!

Cards over Cats!!!!!!!

This post was supposed to start over 6 hours ago, but i got side-tracked. Fuck, I was at the bar last night predicting the score a little more conservately than one of my previous posts, I said 57-21, and the cat fan said maybe 37-21 would be more like it. Well damn I was fucking close, if the fucking secondary and special teams would have done their jobs it might have been 60-something to 10, but I'll take 59-28 anytime, It's a shame we lost Michael Bush for the season with a broken leg, oh well thats football, he'll be back next year to finish the job, maybe get that heisman trophy.

I've got my fantasy football teams set, because i'm a lazy-ass I decided to go with the auto-pick in each league, man that was a mistake, my teams suck, actually 2 are decent, but one of them I might as well kick to the curb. i'm in one each at AOL, Yahoo, and ESPN, then I still have the local one with friends, we haven't met up to draft yet. here's a look at the crap i have to win with.

team 1 , QB's- Matt Hasselbeck,Carson Palmer,Mark Brunell--RB's- Shaun Alexander,Chris Brown,DeAngelo Williams,Mewelde Moore,Kevin Barlow----WR's-Reggie Brown,Eric Moulds, Jimmy Smith----TE-Antonio Gates----K- Adam Vinatieri, John Kasay---DEF- Colts, Seahawks.

Team 2 , QB's- Tom Brady, Kerry Collins----RB's- Tiki Barber, Ronnie Brown, DeAngelo Williams, Samkou Gado, Chris Brown----WR's- Larry Fitzgerald, Santana Moss, Keyshaun Johnson, Braylon Edwards----TE-Ben Watson---K- Jason Elam, Matt Stover---DEF- Colts, Redskins.

Team 3(if you can call this a team) QB's- Carson Palmer, Drew Brees----RB's- Lamont Jordan, Chester Taylor, Brandon Jacobs----WR's- T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Donte Stallworth, Reggie Brown, Braylon Edwards----TE's- Antonio Gates, L.J. Smith----K's- Shayne Graham, Adam Vinatieri----DEF- Bears, Bucs.

I don't feel like typing anymore, so don't forget to check out Velocity for upcoming shows. And as always check "The Thong of the Day" pics and stream ear-crippling rock at the FOX . I here "Hatebreed" is coming to Headliners ,so check out the dates and for other shows.

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