Sunday, August 13, 2006

where the cows roam

i went out last night to a local watering hole, and they should rename this place the" pasture" because this is where the fuckin moo-moo's roam. fuck the fire marshall worrying about the people limit,he should crack down on the WEIGHT limit in this place. i know it's drink and drown night and these cows think they might score with a drunk,but even with beer-goggles on don't help these ho's,fuck seeing double vision of these beasts i would think i'm indian jones gettin chased by rolling boulder's. i feel for the poor soul who picks one up and goes home to this
i always remember the old Denis Leary standup "i'm just big boned, NO your big ASSED, dinosaur's are big boned,put the fuckin fork down"
i really don't have much else to ramble about but i'm going back to J.T.'s variety club tonight there's live music tonight and wherever there's live music there's hotties.
also don't forget to get tyour daily dose of cool links and general hollywood trash talk at i'm gone for now.......


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