Saturday, August 26, 2006

what's kickin' in tha Ville

Well I just seen that "Almost Fuckin' Noah" is playin' atThe Hill tonight. Man, I remember they used to dominate the local music scene, just an awesome cover band, and original stuff too. i still have their CD from their debut album, I remember the party was held at the old "Brewery", when it still had the Thunderdome. Fuck, that place used to be the place to BE, before they split it up and made "Bar Louisville" and "Have a nice day cafe' ". I guess "Have a nice day" was alright, they had the lighted dance floor and the happy disco and early 80's music. Since i'm a jaded and self-loathing ass that don't dance, I didn't buy it, I'm more of a wallflower. And then "The BAR", it's whole gimmick was "look girls can dance on the bar", whoa , yeah, and you could watch other people in different cities partying at "BAR'S", and they could see you. They had all these T.V's labeled "Charlotte", "Nashville", "Atlanta", "Columbus", and whatever other city. What a fucking waste. What turned me off was, one night after it opened a bunch of friends and me were meeting there to check it out, I normally wear jeans and a t-shirt with Doc's or sneak's or Timberland's on my feet or if it's summer, shorts and t-shirt with sneak's or slide's. Well I went to go in and the bouncer stopped me and said I had to have a shirt with a collar and tucked in and take my hat off. Luckily I had knaki's on and a friend had a polo shirt in his car, so I went in with messed up hair and pissed off attitude, so I NEVER WENT BACK AFTER THAT.
RUSTIC FROG at 1720 old river rd. in New Albany has "Chamberflow" and Evil Engine #9 tonight.
AND today at The Zoo is BEER sampling and food from local microbreweries and restaurants.
The local semi-pro football team The Bulls have a game tonight (I think they play at holy cross high school now)
Drink and drown and fuckin' suck-ao-oke is at J.T.'s variety club 8021 Preston Hwy.(my local watering hole)
You can always find more shit and listing at The Velocity or The C-J
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