Thursday, August 10, 2006

well i got to start somewhere

Well it seems some college student had some fun with a octopus and let the carcass go in the ohio river. maybe he had filmed some freaky shit like this and the stench killed it.

I can't wait for the big game,you know fucko's, Cards n Cats,i hate makin predictions but, the cards are goin' roll them kitties into the dirt. i say,oh, maybe....65-13...i'm being generous.
this ought to just be the art work in front of the football players from U.K.'s dorm............

it's so easy messin with the cats fans in football, but here's their problem, it's called the SEC and florida,georgia,auburn,alabama,lsu,tennessee,etc.

Let's switch it up to hollywood or make believe land, whatever, talkin about lohan or paris would be easy since everyone does them, or writes about them that is. i've had these old pics of the Barker's, so i'll start there. o.k., travis barker of the band blink-182 fame is divorcing his wife a former playboy girl. now i'm sure he's not hurtin for ass, fuck he's in a band, and if you hang around with anyone from a band(just locally) you'll realize they get t&a very very easy, and it can be a shit band, so since travis was in a sucessful band(many) and has a record label,clothing line, and whatever else, he's not hurting for ass. here's some pics of him and shanna in happier times, i suppose........peace


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