Friday, August 11, 2006

well as i sit here waiting for world war 3 or armageddon to start,well what am i saying it's been goin on since the start of time, but those peace lovin(cough,cough) people in the middle east just won't except the jews as equals. shit they won't even except themselves,you got kurds,sunni's,and shite's(?) killin each other,anyway here's some pics about it all

man football season is here!! yeah bitches!, my ass plays fantasy football because i suck at real sports. i'm ready to kick-ass again this year. i won 1 league last year and got 2nd in another.
well i'm going out tonight with some friends,were headin to the GodfatherII on preston. some chick named brittany andrews is there, she's got a site or i found some pics of her,probably old but who cares, i'm sure she's still fine as shit

man this blog sucks at the moment cause i'm just gettin started. my lazy butt is the biggest procrastinating pile of flesh there is. i've been kickin-it dial-up style on the big www since 1996 and i just went broadband 11 months ago, and since i loathe im'ing and instant messaging, i've deciced to talk about crap that i enjoy, so if you wanna ride wit me, wear your helmet ding-a-lings, cause i might offend. and since i know nothing about tech shit, i don't know how long this will last.

i'm going to maybe start doing a daily post on celebs,depends on how i feel(that means if i don't get drunk after work and come home and pass-out) but i'll try and wing it. o.k. today i'll talk about how good nicole kidman still looks,i remember her givin me a funny tingle in my pants as a lad watchin "bmx bandits". now she's finally got away from that quasi cult thing tom tried to suck her into, and is married to a country boy and still rockin that bod,here's some pics of her just gettin done workin out.

well this is it for today, if you enjoy good links to check out and a funny-ass dude, this dude writes some funny shit on his site. i think literally he has diarrhea of the mouth that's how much shit he talks, but it's some of the funniest poop to play in, check him out later freaks


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