Monday, August 28, 2006

Tom Cruise got Tea-bagged by Paramount

I know i'm late on this shit, but i got to throw my useless banter into this. From what i understand he was let go from a 10 million dollar a year contract, WTF?, Isn't he worth like a HALF billion dollars, I'm sure he sweatin' that. I've always enjoyed his movies, fuck, who can't love "Maverick" and then his roles in "Rain man", "Risky Business", "Born on the 4th of july", and what ever that one he was in with Jamie Foxx where he was a hit-man, that was good-shit. now i seen clips from the crazyness on "Oprah" and with Matt on "The Today Show". Yeh, the guy is off-base on talkin about shit he knows nothing about, but THE GUY MAKES ENTERTAINING MOVIES. Now if Katie will just come back from his spell, or who knows, she may know what she's doin'. I'm sure she's smart enough to know what half of a butt-load of money is. Now if they(cruise) will just let the bubble-baby out, so the rag-mags will shut up.
here's Katie down memory lane, oh, the good ol' days when she just had that sparkle in her, dreaming about gettin knocked up by a big hollywood hotshot to cash that ticket home back to the mid-west. I salute you Katie, you won the fuckin' lottery.

And some screen caps from "Batman Returns"
with nip action

And the "only" nude tittie scene that I know of she's done
Brought to you by BANGEDUP


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