Friday, August 25, 2006

Man I Got To Update More!!!!!!!!!

I'm a procrastinating bastard, It's hard for me to want to do anything, much less goto work. So since this ghetto blog is for my own enjoyment right now, cause I have no marketing skills, my few readers(who I think is me,myself, and I) will have to bare with me till I get rollin'.
Now with that said here's some cool shit happenin' around town tonight
The COMEDY caravan is having Tom Mabe this weekend and here's the rest of the info

Also tonight at The Hill , "Jefferson Tarc Bus","Naked Garden", and "Sunday Six" are playing.
And "In The Clear" and "Greenwell" are at Headliners and down in the south side at the Third Street Dive 440 s. third st. the"guttersluts","Straight Laced", and "Fenwick" are throwin' down.
Down the road in Bullitt County at the BULLITT COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS all weekend is the Bluegrass 101 festival. goto for more info and you can always check Velocity Weekly .
Alright now for the wicked shit, the other day I tried some barbecue at some rat-hole place and it sucked, It made me remember how fuckin' awesome Mark's Feed Store is, I used to stop in whenever i went to Ear-X-Tacy or just aboout anywhere down in the "highlands". Thinkin about that makes me bring up the topic of busted pussies or "vagina", last month's PLAYBOY had a article about more and more women are gettin their shit trimmed and rejuvenated, which I find absurd and fucking amusing, because as a man, you would have to have one busted battered and brokedown beaver for most men not to want a piece. I remember watching Stern years ago and he had some porn star named "Houston" on there who was talkin about her lips being a little to long, and Stern and his crew were all telling her she was crazy. So reading the "letters" section of the newest PLAYBOY was comical about different peoples perspective. Well here's mine, look at these pics of shit I would tear into, I ain't scared bitches!!



Anonymous Jay said...

Nice, I am an assistant manager with Mark's Feed Store. Nice shout out.

9:30 PM  
Blogger wigwam said...

I'm a whore like that , hey spread the word. if people want me to promote thier shit , send it to me.

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Jay said...

cool come and look for me next time you are in.

10:48 PM  

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