Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I want to start off by saying I used to go out to shows all the time, but I'm just lazy now. I still try to hit the "HILL", which is the www.phoenixhill.com tavern. Since most of the places i used to goto are GONE, like "The Toy Tiger" or "P.J.'s tavern" or "TEK World", I just don't see shows like I used to, but I still enjoy are kick-ass music scene and the bands that keep coming out. Bands I used to watch are gone or members have merged with ex-members of other bands or the people just don't play anymore. I used to see "In Human", "Shapeless Matrix", "My Own Victim", "E-Flat", "Incursion502", "Faceplant", "SEN", "Factor9", "Kallus", Luther", "Engrind", "Contortion", "Countermeasure", "Element H", "Tornacade", "Flaw", "Krosmember", fuck that's just some i can remember. Anywhos, I might start posting more about upcoming shows, so on that note, tommorrow at "The Hill" there's a Miss USA bikini contest, and I think an Eddie Metal rock showcase, with "Shatterstone", "XS", And "Jefferson Tarc Bus". But don't hold me too it. You can check out more by going to www.phoenixhill.com , www.shatterstone.com , www.myspace.com/shatterstone or you can always goto the www.velocityweekly.com and check all the listings around town and the FREE music jukebox. Another band that I like is "The F Munky's", their kind of like the "Violent Femmes", it's silly 3-chord music. They play at The Highlands Taproom 1279 bardstown rd. And because i grew up on every kind of music, i enjoy old-school hip-hop, so i heard Frankfort Ave. Beer Depot 3204 frankfort ave. is having 4 dj's spinnin' old-sckool,dub,backbeat, andfunk tommorrow, sounds fuckin' sweet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

remember the Brewery? That place used to rock then they had to put some gay as club in there. How bout a shot out to Mark's Feed Store?

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