Thursday, August 31, 2006

I'm a lazy bastard

Man I Know I haven't updated in 3 days, but that's because I have a real fuckin' job, it may be meaningless, but it pays the bills(barely). And since this blog is for my own fuckin enjoyment, screw you, well I guess I'm talking to myself,since no one comes here anyway.
Alright then, here's some shit that's going on in the 'ville. Tonight at The Hill we have "Hookahjuice" and "Phyve" rockin' out. Over at J.P.'s Pub&Grub 5610 Outer Loop, "Cornhole" is throwin' down. Then "The Swamp" at Lower Hunters and Cane Run rd. has a BIKE NIGHT tearing up the south end.

I don't get down to the "Highlands" enough anymore, I just love the fuckin' eclectic mix, every genre of people, just kickin' back and lovin' life(in every form). Which I always love going to the Mid-city Mall and hittin' The Back Door Tavern, then going over to COMEDY Caravan for some laughs with friends and then usually back to the tavern for darts and pool till closing, you gotta love the 4 a.m. closing time, then it's time for burritos as big as your head or some sliders from the W.C. lounge, oh, that thought just sounds good, just not the next morning on the porcelain god. Well Heywood Banks is bringing his funny all weekend with Big John Richardson you can't miss these 2 together. Heywood also has some funny stuff on the web, check his Video on

Fuck I just wasted 5 minutes trying to put a funny pic in this blog for this next shit, pissin' me the fuck off when this FREE blog don't work right, well beggars can't be choosey they say. Anywho's I need you local bands to send me shit about upcoming shows, most of you guys have website's but there just holding pages, the ones with actual sites are mostly signed bands from the ville, anyway heres some cool music from the ville.


Two Pump Chump

24 Seven
9 Volt Revolt
Dead City Rejects
7 Day Sun
Five Bolt Main
FLAW (FUCKIN broke up)
I am Is
Faceplant (now Jefferson County Drunk Tank)
My Morning Jacket
One With Misery
The Sixth Floor

well that's all i got for now, but don't forget to get your "Thong of the day" pics at the FOX .
And check out whatever crazy gibberish the Drunkenstepfather
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