Saturday, August 12, 2006

i know the day is almost over,but happy b-day to kentucky's own Rebecca Gayheart, you may remember her from beverly hills 90210,or scream 2 or a movie called jawbreaker,anyway she's from hazard,ky. and i didn't feel like lookin for nudes of her if there's any, so here' some old pics..
UPDATE: I knew there was some nudes somewhere. These kinda look paparazzi, but me thinks there from some wierd movie rebecca was in. their not the best pics, but they are TITS

i'm going keep this post rollin ghetto style, i'm headin out to a dive bar that has 6 bucks drink and drown and that just brings out the best class of people this fine town can offer. but it can't bring out fine ass tail like these ladies i'm about to show,alot of celebrity blogs talk smack about these ladies but not i, because if i could find a girl at the dumps i hang in that look 1/10 as good as cameron or tara, i'd be in heaven
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Not a lot of posts yet but so far, I like what I see.

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