Monday, August 21, 2006

i got nothin better to write about

I got nothin better to write about today, other than The Teen Choice Awards. Which apparently was over the weekend, since every blog i've been on is talkin about it. So here's my 2 cents on the pics i've seen, since i didn't watch the show(cause i don't care). First off, i was amazed at how cheap the red carpet was, it looked like that cheap green nylon stuff people put on there porches except it was spray-painted red, then the back-drops or banners(i don't know what their called) were held up with weights from a gym, i quess cinder-blocks weren't available. Another thing that caught my eye was the podium that was used. I love how parents blame celebs for how their children want to dress, but the podium was a torso of a woman in a bikini, with a tit hangin' out, i quess that's to remind the children how to dress when they go on spring -break and that Joe guy from Girls-gone-Wild comes by. What i also like is seeing celebs photograghed in natural sunlight, i love seeing the flaws(not that i wouldn't bang any of them) that air-brushing in mags cover up. The fake tan spray was in full effect, you could see the runs on some people's legs. I still don't know why Carmen Electra was there, unless she was winning an award for work-out stripper videos or the infomercial for the newest exercise equipment(which must work for her, cause she was the hottest looking celeb i seen). Besides Jessica Simpson's face aging like a prun in the sun, her yams were smokin' hot, until i seen Nelly Furtado's, man, she's build like a brick house. well i'm tired of typing, you can find the links to K-Feds horrible singing debut, and to more celebs pics by going to


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