Friday, August 25, 2006

Australian for Hot

Man, Foster's might be australian for beer, but Nicole K. is fucking australian for smoking hot! I know these pics are a couple weeks old, but I can't help saying "I would lick the sweat out of her workout clothes". These pics look like she just came from a gym or some sort of workout session. Which is a gym I'd like to be a member of, except I'm a lazy bum, the only exercise I get is walking up stairs to my apartment and that is struggle it's self after a night of doing 12oz. Curls.

And like I always say"The F'in Fox Rocks", so check out the "Thong of the Day" pics or stream kick-ass rock while you sit at your puter. check it FOXROCKS
I might start a "WTF" link's of the day or maybe twice a week, fuck i don't know, but I do know you can find some cool shit at The Drunkenstepfather .


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