Sunday, August 20, 2006

ah, i'm back again

Well i'm back again for another post, keepin' this ghetto blog a rollin'. I figure i'll touch base on how i know jack-shit about HTML again. I'm amazed that i've actually got feedback about how shitty this is and how simple it is to do, but when you've wasted the better portion of your young adult life, filling it with hops and barley and resin and various other things, you become feeble-minded. Now with that said, even though i'm from kentucky, i went to an elementary school that was ranked high in the state when i was there. I remember we had some of the first Apple computers and they taught us shit on them. Then i went to middle school and we had some of the top computers there, i even remember learning how to do basic programming, like how to build a simple game, we learned how to break down each block or pixel(which was big back then) and make a moving picture, like i did a house, and made smoke come out of the chimney and the doors open and close. the bad thing is, when i got to high school it was all about partying and sports, so i missed that window of opportunity before the web blew up.
Now with that bullshit said, i want to point out or remind people that the Lebowski fest is coming around again. i'm a big Cohen brothers fan, so check out for for details.
Staying with the Lebowski theme, i always loved tara reid's bit part as the "bunny" character, what i can't understand is how every other blog(mostly celebrity ones) rags on pics that pop-up of her. If i could find a girl that looks as good as her and party's like her i'm there. People always want to nit-pick on the slightest celulite on a women's body, when 95% of women will have some. you can give me some cottage cheese anyday and i'll dive right in to the peaches-n-cream. now i'm not sayin' i want a tub full of it, but havin' some dimples on the thighs from behind is just like havin a dimpled smile with sex on the mind. now here's tara lookin' wet-n-tasty on the beach with friends.

Don't forget to get your thong-of-the-day pics at
And thinking of "The Big Lebowski", whenever i think about this guy's blog, i think of John Turturro's character "Jesus", he was the bowler that wore a purple spandex jumpsuit, and he told them"you don't fuck with the Jesus". That's makes me think of , cause if you fuck with that JESUS, you might get smacked, check out his silly canadian beaner-ass.


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